Step Up to Full Power

Radio Free Moscow has already achieved the first step of its full-power expansion: the installation of a 42-watt transmitter on Paradise Ridge. The next step is purchasing and installing a new transmitter to broadcast at 1100 watts from Paradise Ridge.

Because Paradise Ridge is so far above the Palouse terrain, even at 42 watts, our Full Power signal on 90.3 reaches much farther than the original 100 watt signal, which broadcast from the top of a modest building in downtown Moscow.

View from Paradise Ridge Tower w hardware

A view from the Idaho Public TV tower, the location of KRFP's current 42-watt antenna. This location has already greatly increased Radio Free Moscow's coverage area. Click to enlarge.

Here is a PDF of our current 42 watt signal. The black band on the maps is our “protected contour” where no other station is allowed to interfere with our signal. The colors represent modeled signal strength. Those areas outside the black line will receive our signal if there are no other interfering signals on 90.3 or adjacent frequencies in that direction. Here is a PDF of the final 1100 watt signal that we will achieve after installing our 1100-watt antenna.

We have budgeted $48,000 to build our 1100-watt Full Power signal.  This is an exiting opportunity to get a strong community radio signal into Pullman and outlying areas of the Palouse. On air, listeners further afield in their homes and cars can hear the wide array of musical programming from our approximately 35 volunteer deejays who come into the station each week, hear our daily local newscasts, public affairs and activist programming, hear Democracy Now!, and help us celebrate the diversity of the Palouse. Help make quality, grassroots radio programming available on the far corners of the Palouse by donating today!

-Leigh Robartes, Station Manager

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3 comments on “Step Up to Full Power
  1. Marian Hennings says:

    Will we be able to hear you in Spokane?

  2. alt-escape says:

    Only on the Internet.

  3. Phillip Shelton says:

    This station is something that I thought could only exist in Moscow if Hell froze over.

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