KRFP Spring 2014 Schedule – Week at a Glance

KRFP’S Real Radio Dinner a Success

“Thank You” to all of our supporters and volunteers for contributing to the Second Annual Real Radio Dinner.

Henry Johnston

Henry Johnston, auctioneer at the 2014 Real Radio Dinner

A mighty round of applause to:

  • Kami LaMoreaux and Michelle Adams for organizing the event.
  • Kathryn Bonzo and Henry Johnston for hosting and auctioneering
  • Speakers: Leigh Robartes, Fiddlin Big Al, and Greg Larson

Special thanks to the following members of our community who contributed auction items:

  • Colter Creek Winery
  • Paula Marie Coomer
  • Michelle Cooper
  • Jim Christiansen
  • Cass Davis
  • Arlene Falcon
  • Fiddlin Big Al
  • Rufus T. Firefly
  • The Good People at Glassphlemy
  • Theresa Hanford
  • Hog Heaven Sausage Works
  • HyperSpud Sports
  • Alex Irwin and Henry Johnston
  • Miriam Kent
  • Laurel MacDonald
  • Maria Maggi
  • Andria Marcussen

Our signal is much improved in Moscow and Pullman.  KRFP’s progressive broadcasting can now be heard in rural Latah and Whitman Counties.  In our first few weeks of broadcasting on 90.3 FM, we have received reports of reception in Genesee, Troy, Deary, Potlatch, Southwick, Garfield, Palouse and Albion.

Tom Voorhees – engineering project consultant; Donna DiBianco – Operations Management Consultant; and Leigh Robartes KRFP Station Manager. These are just a few of the many people responsible for the success of KRFP’s 42 Watt Project.

For those of you who are new, listening to KRFP on 90.3 FM for the first time: Welcome to progressive community radio.   We would like to hear from you, and let us know where you are picking up our signal.  We would appreciate reception reports at 208-892-9300 or email Station Manager Leigh Robartes at

Check out our program schedule here.

Coverage area map for the new 42 watt ‘Step up to Full Power’ signal on 90.3 FM

Read what was written previously about the project, and see signal maps for the future 1100 watt signal and the old Low Power FM signal, here.

Adopt a DJ!

Spring 2014 Deejay Applications

We may have a limited number of spots available during the Spring season, or you can get your application in early.   The Spring season runs from MLK Day in January to Memorial Day in May.  We train community members as deejays and radio hosts.  No radio experience is necessary.

Submit KRFPDeejayApplicationSpring2014 (2 pages), along with Schedule Grid (1 page). Print all 3 pages, fill in, and bring or mail to the station.
If you don’t have a printer, paper applications are available at KRFP (114 E. 3rd St.) enter via the alley, or at Deadbeat Records, or on the shelf in the hall outside Mikey’s Gyros.